Add Expiry Date To PDF

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How to Add An Expiry Date to Any PDF Document

It is common knowledge that PDF documents are so versatile that you can control user permissions such as restricting the ability to print, copy or modify the document. Whats not so common is how to set a PDF document to expire so that it cannot be opened after a certain date has passed. This is a really handy feature if you are sending out documents that contain time-limited offers or proposals.


To be clear from the offset, putting an expiry date on a PDF document should not be considered a security feature as it can be easily bypassed and not all PDF readers support Javascript. There are much better means of securing PDF documents than what is going to be described in this post.


Let’s say you are going to be creating a quote for your customer that is only valid for 14 days from today, 25 January 2019. After day 14, you want the PDF to display a message stating that the PDF has expired and the customer should contact you instead. The document should then automatically close.

To achieve the above with All-About-PDF, follow the steps below:

  1. Open All-About-PDF and click the “Set Expiry” button

  2. Select the PDF file that you would to add the expiry date to

  3. Select the expiry date from the calendar drop-down

  4. Add the message that will be displayed once the PDF expires

  5. Hot the “Go” button to process the PDF and the new file will be saved in the same location as the original file with an “expiry” added to the file name.

Once the expiry date passes, your document recipient will be greeted with your message as shown below:

pdf expiry, how to add expiry date to a pdf

To add expiry dates to your PDF files, download All-About-PDF today!