PDF Reader Biz (Foxit) Breached

From the Infosecurity Magazine:

Foxit has detected that unauthorized access to some of its data systems has taken place, including access to its ‘My Account’ user account data. This means that data you have entered on our website when signing up for our services has likely been accessed by hackers,

Compromised information could include user names, email addresses, their company names, phone numbers, passwords and IP addresses.

This is just another reason we at All-About-PDF do not require our users to create accounts just to use our software. We simply do not wish to be responsible for holding your personal information if we cannot guarantee that we can keep it secure.

How To Create Personal Automations Using iOS 13.1

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 13.1 for iPhone and iPadOS for iPad. The feature that has me really excited in this release is Personal Automations.

In past versions of iOS, you could set up Home Automations using the Home or the Shortcuts apps so that your HomeKit enabled accessories could react to changes in conditions around the the home. For example, you could have your garage lights come on automatically at sunset or change the temperature on your thermostat whenever you leave your house.

Personal Automations take this basic concept and applies it to conditions affecting your iPhone or iPad. For example, you can now set your iPhone to being playing a specific music playlist whenever you arrive at home. Or you can automatically send an iMessage at a certain time of the day.

I travel a lot between the UK and the US so when I am away, I have a Personal Automation that sends my children a goodnight message every day at 3PM EST (8PM UK) time.

I also love to fly drones so I have another Personal Automation that turns on Do Not Disturb as soon as I open the DJI GO app. The potential of these automations are only limited by your imagination and can include features such as creating or marking up PDF documents.

So how do you create a Personal Automation in iOS 13.1?

First, find the Shortcuts app that now comes preinstalled with iOS 13 and open it. Next, at the bottom of the app, select the "Automation" tab and then hit the "+" button at the top right to begin asdding a new Automation.

Select "Personal Automation" and you will be presented with a list of trigger types to pick from. These vary from events such as time of day or alarms to phone setting changes such as when you join WiFi or you open a specific app.

Each choice of trigger will give you further options to tweak just the way you want before you are presented with a screen to add the Actions that will occur when the trigger is fired.

There are so many Actions that I couldn’t possible list all of them in this article and more are being added by third party developers all the time. You can also also chain together different actions together into complete workflows!

Once you are satisfied with your setup, hit the "Done" button to save your Personal Automation.

Inspired By Tacos4Life, PDFS4LIFE

Last week, for lunch, I took my family to Tacos4Life. I ordered their delicious Korean BBQ steak Tacos and enjoyed every bite of it. As I sat there enjoying the summer atmosphere and the food, I couldn't help but admire their mission to "Eat a Meal. Give a Meal". Basically, for every taco, rice bowl, quesadilla, salad or nachos you enjoy, $0.22 is donated to Feed My Starving Children. Meal 4 Meal.

That amount might not seem like much on its own but with every meal purchased, they have donated over 10 MILLION meals to children in need.

What Tacos4Life has achieved has really inspired me to create the PDFS4LIFE initiative. I asked myself, what if a percentage of every All-About-PDF sale was donated to a similar cause. That too could make a difference regardless of how small it seems. As the Dalai Lama once said:

Children from Sani village having lunch

Children from Sani village having lunch

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."

After our lunch, I WhatsApped my family and friends on how best to approach this and landed on an idea from my mother who lives in Sani (Nkhotakota), Malawi.

She suggested to start off by donating 5% of every sale to a village nursery school where she volunteers. The nursery school is operated by St Mary's Anglican Church and runs almost entirely on volunteers and donations. The nursery school not only teaches the children from the surrounding villages, they also provide clothing and meals for them. It is not an exaggeration to say that for most of the children, the food they are given at the nursery is the only food they see that day.

Together with the church, we have now set up a dedicated bank account for PDFS4LIFE and we will be donating 5% of all our All-About-PDF sales to them on a monthly basis.

This is a cause that I am very passionate about and I can't wait to see what a difference it makes to the children of Sani, Nkhotakota.

For detailed information about this initiative, please see our dedicated page here.

Introducing All-About-PDF Subscription Licensing

One of the main reasons we decided to create All-About-PDF was to offer a PDF toolkit application that people could download, buy and use without having to worry about yet another subscription payment. In bucking the industry trend and offering a single perpetual license cost, where buying a license means that you own the software forever, coupled with our ease of use and powerful feature-set, our offering has become very popular.

We have been getting a lot feedback from existing and potential users and there is a question that keeps popping up and that is:

how come we do not offer a subscription licensing model and will we ever offer one in the future?

Well, the thing we care more about than not forcing users into a paying a monthly fee to use our software, is giving users a choice. Whilst we may not be in favor of subscription plans for software, we can also acknowledge that there are users out there that prefer this model of payment.

We are therefore pleased to announce that, starting today, you can choose to pay for All-About-PDF in two ways:

wanting to merge, split, convert and manipulate PDf to other formats to Microsoft Word? You can now choose between perpetual and subscription licensing.

Perpetual Licensing: as before, we will continue to offer a perpetual license for the price listed on the pricing page. Once purchased, you 100% own that version of All-About-PDF forever and are entitled to free support and upgrades (new features and bug fixes) for 12 months.

Subscription Licensing: With this newly introduced model, instead of paying a single price of $79.99 (as of writing this article) for the perpetual license, you only have to pay $7.99 per month to use All-About-PDF. Once you decide you no longer need to use the software, you can cancel your subscription and the software will cease to work.

We are very excited to be able to offer both the perpetual and subscription models to our All-About-PDF users. To get started and make your choice, head over to our pricing page.

How to Convert Full Webpage to PDF in iOS 13 and iPadOS

In the previous article, we talked about some of the new productivity features that Apple has added to iOS 13 including features such as dark mode, mass storage support, SMB server access and more.

One feature that we didn’t go into detail about was how iOS 13 and iPadOS now allow you take a screenshot of an entire webpage, mark it up and save it as a PDF.

You can switch between a simple screenshot and a full page PDF

You can switch between a simple screenshot and a full page PDF

To do convert a full webpage to PDF in iOS 13, follow the steps below.

  1. In Safari, open the webpage that you would like to convert to PDF

  2. Press the Power button + Home button together (on devices with a Home button) or the Power button + Volume Up button on devices without to take a screenshot.

  3. Open the screenshot from the bottom left corner of the screen

  4. You will notice a new tab option at the top of the screen where you can toggle between a screenshot of the just the current screen or the entire length of the web page. Select Full Page.

  5. As you can see, you can now scroll through the entire page as a PDF

  6. Use the Share icon to send the PDF to others, print it, save it to the Files app and more.

Check out the video below for illustration

If you are not on iOS 13 yet (it only available as a developer beta), you can also convert a webpage to a PDF using All-About-PDF Online.

New Productivity Features Coming to iOS 13/iPadOS

Apple yesterday announced some of the new features coming to iOS 13 and also announced that the iOS version for iPad will be known as iPadOS. This makes complete sense as iPads have gotten more powerful hardware, it was always the software side that seemed to be holding it back from becoming a real productivity platform. That changed yesterday with the announcement of iPadOS.

Here are just some of the new features coming to iOS 13 and iPadOS

Ability to Convert An Entire Webpage to PDF

Unlike previous versions of iOS where taking a screen cap of a webpage only presented you with what was currently visible on the screen, iOS 13 and iPadOS now gives you an option to capture the full length of a webpage and save it as a PDF. We have written a detailed explanation of how this works and you can see that here.

Dark Mode

We all know that you can't really claim to be productive until you are working in Dark Mode right? Well iOS 13 and iPadOS come with an optional new look that turns the UI from the mostly white and light gray pallette to a dark one with with mostly black (true black RGB(0,0,0)) and dark gray. This will be more useful on the OLED based iPhones as it will reduce the amount of power required to light up the display and therefore increase battery life.

Dark Mode in iPadOS and iOS 13

Dark Mode in iPadOS and iOS 13

QuickPath Type

This is one of those features that has been offered by other third party keyboards on iOS but is none-the-less a welcome addition. You can now type by swyping on the built-in keyboard therefore making it faster and easier for one-handed usage.

SMB Access in Files app

If you work as part of a corporate domain, you can now mount your shared network drives in the Files and easily transfer files to and from them.

SMB Server Access

SMB Server Access

Zip and Unzip Support in Files app

Yep, the ability to zip and unzip files in now native to the Files app.

Download Manager in Safari

Safari browser is now all grown up. With an integrated download manager, you can save files directly to local or Cloud storage using the Files app.

Safari’s new Download Manager

Safari’s new Download Manager

Mass Storage Support in Files app

This is way overdue and personally would have been happy if it was the only enhancement to the OS. The Files app now supports external USB storage so that you can copy files to and from them. Applications like Lightroom can now also bypass the Cameral roll and access USB storage directly.

Mouse Support

You read that correctly, you can now use a wired or Bluetooth mouse to control the iPad. This is an accessibility feature that is part of Assistive Touch in iPadOS.

Check out this tweet to see mouse support in action

Mouse Support Comes to iPadOS

Mouse Support Comes to iPadOS

Multi-Window Support

When creating content, one useful feature is the ability to have 2 windows side-by-side so that you can easily access your reference material. iOS 12 added the ability to have 2 apps side-by-side but this has been improved in iOS 13 so that you can have multiple instances of the same app in different "spaces". For example, I could have Safari and Byword in one space and Safari and Notes in another.

Improved Text Editing

Text selection and cursor placement has been greatly improved and iPadOS introduces new 3-finger gestures for copying and pasting text.

Use iPad as an External Monitor

When paired with a Mac running macOS Catalina (10.15), an iPad running iPadOS can now be used as an external monitor to extend or mirror the disipay.

There are a lot of more features in iOS 13 and iPad that are great for productivity and as usual PDF support is unsurpassed. You can read more about whats new here.

Two Features We Hope Apple adds for PDFs in iOS 13 (and watchOS 6)

Later today, Apple will open its WWDC conference and announce a slew of enhancements to its operating systems, iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6 and tvOS.

at WWDC 2019, apple will announce what’s new in iOS 13, watchOS 6 and macOS 10.15

As a company, Apple has always been a huge proponent of the PDF format since Mac OS X launched in 2001 and in fact built its Quartz graphics rendering on top of Adobe Imaging Model (aka PDF) in order to provide full support for text anti-aliasing and transparency/opacity.

Fast-forward 18 years later and both iOS and macOS have excellent built in support for PDF including functions such as mark-up and annotation tools as well as printing to PDF documents.

So what are the two features that we would like to see Apple add to PDF support in iOS 13 and watchOS 6?

JavaScript Support in PDF Files

JavaScript support in PDF is very important as it provides the ability to add interactive functionality to PDF documents. Examples of this include the ability to add an expiry date to a PDF so that a message can be displayed if the PDF is opened after a certain date or to add data validation for PDF forms. At the moment, adding any Javascript functions to PDF is not guaranteed to work on iOS or macOS unless the user downloads third-party applications such as PDF Expert (iOS) or Adobe Acrobat Reader (macOS).

Ability to View PDF Files on Apple Watch

This may sound crazy at first but bear with me. One common task I use my Apple Watch for is triaging my email inboxes by flagging important emails to read later and deleting junk emails. As is the case, some emails contain PDF attachments and at the moment, I am unable to view. It would therefore be very useful to have the ability to view a preview of PDF files on the Apple Watch to aid in the triaging process.

What features are looking forward to the most from WWDC 2019? Drop us a tweet to let us know!

Save Time By Converting PDFs to MS Word Or Other Formats Using Watch Folders

If you spend a lot of time convert PDF files to other file formats such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG and more, then you know how tedious it can be.

There are of course many tools that you can use to carry out PDF file conversion but almost all of them require you to either manually upload the files and then download the results or open the software on your computer, select the files and then run the conversion process.

When you have to do this more than a few times a day, week or month, it can become a tiresome chore.

Watch Folders To The Rescue!

In a nutshell, Watch Folders allow you to convert PDF files to other format by just dropping them into a folder


You can use Watch Folders by defining one or more folders that All-About-PDF monitors and what conversions to automatically carry out as files are added. Once the Watch Folder is defined, you don’t even need to open the app to convert the files; you just drop it into the Watch Folder.

convert from pdf to ms word, excel, powerpoint, jpg, html by just dropping files into a folder

Setting up Watch Folders couldn’t be simpler.

  1. From the application’s main window, click on the three dots in the top right side to open the menu

  2. Select Watch Folders

  3. Hit the Add (+) button to create your Watch Folder

  4. Select the folder you would like All-About-PDF to monitor

  5. Specify the filter you would like to use. The default is *.pdf however you can use any filter as long as it has the .pdf extension

  6. Select the conversion actions that you would like to occur when a file matching your filter is added to the Watch Folder.

  7. Select folder where the conversion output should be placed. This folder cannot be the same as the Watch Folder.

  8. You may also specify if you would like All-About-PDF to delete the original PDF file in the Watch Folder and whether or not to overwrite any existing files in the Output folder.

  9. Once saved, the Watch is live and you can begin dropping it like its hot!

To get started with Watch Folders and more, download All-About-PDF today!

Get the full version of All-About-PDF for FREE

Free All-About-PDF Full License for Content Creators

All-About-PDF is the best PDF processor on the market that allows you to merge, split, compress, password-protect and convert your PDF files to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG Images and more. With its sleek “material-design” inspired look, it is fast and easy to use.

And you can have the full license for FREE!

If you are a content creator (blogger, vlogger, internet columnist) you can request an All-About-PDF License, if you create content about us.

In order to be eligible for a free license, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Original content: The content must be original and recent and created as a review.

  • 500 words: For blog articles, the article should contain at least 500 words, with a link to https://allaboutpdf.com and a screenshot.

  • Share your content: Following the publication of the content, you need to use at least one of the content sharing services, like TwitterFacebookGoogle+ or Reddit, to share your opinion about All-About-PDF.

Write Us

To request your license, please mail us with your name and a link to your blog post. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a free license.

Have We Had Enough Of Subscriptions?

This article on variety.com talks about how nearly half of US consumers are frustrated by subscription services and I couldn’t agree more.

One of the main reasons I decided to create All-About-PDF as a desktop application with a perpetual license model (pay once and you own the software forever) was that when I tried to find a tool to merge PDF files offline, the majority of options that were available were offered as subscription services.

Nearly half (47%) of U.S. consumers say they’re frustrated by the growing number of subscriptions and services required to watch what they want, according to the 13th edition of Deloitte’s annual Digital Media Trends survey. An even bigger pet peeve: 57% said they’re frustrated when content vanishes because rights to their favorite TV shows or movies have expired.

adobe acrobat pro dlc charges monthly fees as the only payment option

Even though most subscription services appear to be priced low, the mounting number of subscriptions that we or our business have to pay for on a monthly basis can easily add up to hundreds of dollars. A wise man once said:

Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves

Read the full article here.

Canon EOS RP Review (Sort Of)

You are probably wondering, what does a camera review have to do with PDFs? Short answer: nothing. Long answer: also nothing.

Moving on.

Canon EOS RP with Canon 24-105mm F4 L

Canon EOS RP with Canon 24-105mm F4 L

Some background. When I am not creating software, I spend a good amount of time shooting photos. I even have a studio that I share with other photographers and mostly shoot portraiture with strobes. I am what you would call a professional armatuer photographer.

My main uses for my camera are 80% for family photos, 15% for studio photography and 5% for video.

A few months ago, I decided to upgrade from my Canon 5D Mark II as it was getting a little long in the tooth and move to the world of Mirrorless cameras. After a few weeks of research, I decided to upgrade to the Canon EOS RP and have had it for a couple of weeks.

Here is What I Like Most

The Grip is as stylish as it is functional

The Grip is as stylish as it is functional

  • Lightweight and Small: compared to the 5D Mark II, the RP is light and small enough to take with me on most outings (17oz vs 1.87lb). It also comes with an optional grip that can be used to make it more comfortable to hold.

  • Comfortable: speaking of comfort, I just love holding this camera. The grip is deep enough to make you feel secure and most of the buttons are all placed in logical positions.

  • Compatibility: One of the the main reasons I decided to go with Canon is hat I can continue to use my Canon lens without sacrificing focus speed/accuracy and can also continue to access the largest selection of reasonably priced first and third party lens

  • Swivel Screen: The screen swivels, all the way to the side, not to the top like those weird Sonys, so that selfie photos and videos are easy to take even when a microphone or flash is mounted in the hot shoe.

  • Focus Speed: The RP has 4779 focus points with face tracking and eye tracking and Canon's Dual Pixel AF does not disapoint in keeping track of the subjects.

  • USB-C Charging: the EOS RP can be charged by plugging directly into a USB charger just like a smartphone

  • Subtle Shutter: The shutter sound on the EOS RP is surprisingly quiet. This makes is perfect for shooting street photography if I ever decide to venture into that realm.

  • Intuitive Menu System: AS someone that tried out a Sony camera for a few months, believe me when I tell you that Canon's menu system is a breathe of fresh air with its layout and flow.

What I don't like

  • Limited Burst Mode: The RP is capable of only 4 frames per second when shooting in continous mode. This is paltry when compared to the likes of the Sony A6500 that can shoot up to 11 frames per second. The saving grace for the RP is that its shooting buffer is unlimited so I don't have to stop shooting bursts in order for the camera to catch up.

  • Slow EVF: There is a noticeable delay when switching from the screen to the electronic view finder and even though the delay is less than a second, I sometimes end up checking to see if I did in fact turn on the camera and removed the lens cover.

  • Position of the AF-On Button: This is a minor gripe but I feel like Canon should have placed the AF-ON button, which I use for back-button focusing, a little further to the right to make it easier to reach.

  • Some features are only available in SCENE modes: most notably the silent shooting feature is only available when using the pre-built modes. Hopefully Canon will address this with a software update.

  • Small Capacity Battery: The battery in the EOS RP is only good for roughly 300 shots. A second or third battery is defintely a must.

How to turn anything into a PDF on your iPhone or iPad

I am sure we have all been in this situation; you have a website, an email, a document, an image and you need to convert it to a PDF. The first thing that most likely pops into your head is to download an app that will do the conversion for us.

WAIT! There is another way!

We have created a simple iOS Shortcut that you can use to convert just about anything on your iPhone or iPad to PDF.

First, download the free Shortcuts app from the Apple App Store.

Next, you can either create the “Make PDF” shortcut yourself using the images below as examples or you can download one that’s already made from here.

convert anything to PDF using iOS Shortcuts

Once the Shortcuts app has been installed and you have added the “Make PDF” Shortcut, you can use it from anywhere by opening the iOS Sharesheet, selecting Shortcuts and tapping on the “Make PDF” icon.


Tip: if you don’t see the Shortcuts icon in the Sharesheet, scroll all the way to the right and select “More” to make sure that “Shortcuts” is enabled.

With the PDF file created, you can then use a tool such as All-About-PDF to add a password, convert it to formats such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, merge it into other PDF files and more.

Check it out by downloading the free version or by using our free web app.

Using a PDF Scanner App On Your iPhone To Scan Documents

If you are anything like me, you likely receive important documents in the post, things like tax documents, bank statements etc and then you put them somewhere "safe" only to completely forget where you put them a few weeks or months later.

It is for this reason that I now scan and convert all important documents and store them in my Dropbox as PDF files. This way I (or more accurately, my wife) no longer end up turning the house upside down to find that one document as I can easily find them by searching by file name and contents through Dropbox.

There are many ways to scan documents to PDF using your iPhone or Android device. All examples in this article will use iPhone references however there are similar equivalents on the Android side.

Using the Notes App

The built in Notes app has been able to scan documents since iOS 11.

1. Place the document you would like to scan on a dark background with no direct lighting so that there are no reflections.

2. Force touch the Notes app icon and select "Scan Document” or open the app, create a new note and select "Scan Document" from the “+” menu.

Using the iOS Notes app as a PDF Scanner
iOS Notes App as PDF Scanner

3. Position the document as straight as possible in the camera view.

4. The Notes app will delect the edges of the document and take a photo automatically when its ready

5. Once the page has been scanned, you can scan more or edit it by cropping, rotating it or changing the color style.

iOS Notes App as PDF Scanner

5. You can then share the PDF to other apps like email, messages, Dropbox or AirDrop it to your computer.

Using the Dropbox App

Scanning documents to PDF using the Dropbox app on your iPhone is similar to using the Notes app.

1. Start by force-touching the Dropbox icon and select “Scan Document” or open the app tap on the “Create” icon and then select “Scan Document”

Use Dropbox App PDF Scanner
Using Dropbox App as PDF Scanner

2. Align the document in the camera view and the app will count down prior to scanning the document

3. As with the Notes app, once the document is scanned, you can edit it or scan more pages to add to it.

Scanning PDF documents with Dropbox app as PDF Scanner

4. Dropbox then allows to specify the file name and type (PDF or PNG) and also where you would like the document saved.

5. Once saved, it will then be available to all your computers that have access to your Dropbox account within seconds.

There are many other PDF scanner apps that offer the ability to scan files to PDF using your iPhone or Android, so many that we can’t cover them all in this blog. The user flow is however very similar as is the quality of the resulting scan.

To do more with your PDF documents such as merging them together, splitting them into multiple documents, adding password protection or converting them to other formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word and more, check out All-About-PDF for Windows or All-About-PDF Online.

How to Convert a PDF to JPG

With All-About-PDF, it is very easy and fast to convert PDF to JPG. You can even convert multiple PDF files to JPG at once.

convert pdf to jpg online free
  1. If you havent already, download and install All-About-PDF from here

  2. Once installed, launch the application and select the “Convert” card

  3. You can then select one or more PDF files to convert to JPG images

  4. Hit the JPG button to begin the conversion process

Thats all it takes to convert PDF files to JPG images

Go ahead and give it a try by downloading the free trial below or you can also use our online web application to convert PDF to JPG for free.

New Features Alert - Feb 2019

We are proud to announce the release of All-About-PDF Build 1042 which features:

Ability to convert PDF to MS Excel

You can now use All-About-PDF to convert one or more PDF files to Microsoft Excel (xlsx). When All-About-PDF converts a PDF to Excel, the resulting Excel file is a fully editable Excel document.

Convert one or more PDF files to MS Excel

Ability to Use Text From A PDF Document for File Naming When Splitting PDF Files

When splitting a single PDF document into multiple files, you can sometimes end up with a lot of files. The last thing you want to have to do is to rename every resulting file manually as this can take a lot of time and effort. All-About-PDF’s latest feature allows you select an area of the PDF page that it will then use as the file name automatically. For example, if you had single PDF document with pay-slips for 1000 employees, a pay-slip per page, you naturally want to split the PDF document and send each page to the respective employee.

You can now use All-About-PDF to read the area of the PDF page where the employee’s name is located so that when the document is split up into 1000 separate pay-slips, each one is named after the employee’s name. This feature is such a great time saver and more information about this can be found here.

split pdf file into multiple documents and name it after PDF contents

A big thank you to our users Tim and Paul for requesting the features that we have added to the latest release of All-About-PDF. We hope all our users will find them valuable as well.

If you have any feedback or would like a particular feature implemented, get in touch and let us know!

To try the features and more, download our free version or use our online web application.

How To Convert Word to PDF

A few years ago, Microsoft Word documents were the defacto format for sharing documents. Unfortunately, the format had several limitations including:

- Required Microsoft Word software to view the documents: In order to view or edit Word documents, all users needed to have a licensed version of Microsoft Word.

- Inconsistent Formatting: When a Word document was shared, there was no guarantee that the document layout would be rendered the same on all platforms regardless of operating system or hardware

- Large File Size: A multi-page Word document with images and charts would grow in size tremendously making it less then ideal to share to store

- Lack of Security: As all Word documents are editable by default, it is impossible to control who can make changes to them.

With all the limitations, it is easy to see why the PDF format took over from Microsoft Word as the most popular format for sharing documents.

There is however still one area where Microsoft Word reigns supreme and that is, document creation and editing.

How does one then go from creating a Word document and then converting to a PDF? There are many ways to convert PDF to Word.

1. On Mac OS, Print to PDF is Available System Wide: Let's get this out of the way, if you are using a Mac, you can simply use the macOS's print dialogue to convert any file to PDF.

macOS print to PDF as a way to convert Word to PDF

2. Save As PDF in Microsoft Word: if you are using the latest version of Microsoft Word, you can easily save your Word document to PDF from the Save menu.

convert word to pdf Microsoft Word for Windows

3. Use a PDF Print Driver: There are several PDF print drivers for Windows that range from free to paid and they all allow you to print any document, including Word documents to PDF. A few example include :

4. Use an Online Service: this option should only be considered if the other options here do not work for you and only if your document does not contain sensitive/private data. You can use one of the many free online services to upload your document and have them converted to PDF. Just be aware that whatever your uploading is being sent to third party servers that you have no jurisdiction over.

If you would like to convert your PDF files to other formats such as Microsoft Word , Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, HTML or JPG, or you would like to merge PDF files, split PDF documents and password-protect PDF files, check out All-About-PDF for Windows and online.

How To Convert Webpage To PDF

There are many way to share websites or to bookmark them for reading later. One thing I like to do is to convert a webpage to PDF so that I can add it to my tablet for reading offline. This is handy when flying since airline WiFi (when available and working) still costs an arm and a leg.

Converting a webpage to PDF is very easy and can be done with just about any web browser.

To convert a webpage to PDF in Google Chrome:

  1. Open the webpage that you would like to convert to PDF

  2. On a Mac, select "Print" from the File menu. On Windows, go to the the top right menu (three vertical dots) and select "Print". Alternatively, you can just press Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) + P.

  3. Click on the "Change" button and then select "Save as PDF" as the destination printer

  4. Hit the "Save" button and select the folder where you would like the converted webpage to be saved.

convert webpage to pdf using Google Chrome

If you are using Safari on a Mac, you can convert any webpage to PDF by selecting "Export to PDF" from the File menu.

convert webpage to pdf using Safari Mac and macOS

For Microsoft Edge users, the process is similar to that of Chrome's.

convert any webpage to pdf using Microsoft Edge

1. First browse to the webpage that you would like to convert to PDF

2. Press Ctrl+P to bring up the Print dialogue

3. Select the "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer

4. Hit the Print button and you will prompted on where to save the converted PDF

Unfortunately for our Firefox users on Windows, you have to download a third party plug-in to convert a webpage to PDF and if you are still using Internet Explorer then please see this article.

Convert Webpage To PDF on iPhone or Android

When you are out and about and are on your mobile device, converting webpages to PDF on iPhone/iOS or Android is just as easy.

On iPhone, in Mobile Safari, open the webpage you desire to convert and then tap the Share icon. From the Share sheet, select "Convert to PDF"; this will convert the webpage to PDF and open the PDF for preview. You can then use the Share sheet once again to save the PDF to iBooks for reading later, cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive or share it via Messages, WhatsApp, Email etc.

convert webpage to pdf using iOS iPhone mobile safari

To convert a webpage to PDF on Android devices, you will need to download Google Chrome if its not already installed.

convert webpage to pdf on Android Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome and go to the webpage that you would to convert to PDF

2. To the right of the address bar, tap the three vertical dots and select "Share"

3. Select Print

4. Select "Save as PDF"

5. Tap the Save icon

6. Now you can select where to save the converted PDF.

What Next?

Now that you have converted your web page to a PDF, there is more you can do with it. You can split the PDF into multiple pages, you can add password-protection, you can compress the PDF to save storage space and you can even convert it to other formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or JPG. Our PDF toolkit, All-About-PDF, allows you to do all of the above and more. To get started, download the Windows version or try out the online web application - all for FREE.

Free Online PDF Service? Better Read The Small Print

My grandfather used to say:

"there is no such thing as a free lunch".

Why then is it that when I search the internet for PDF processing tools, there is a multitude of websites offering their PDF processing services for "free"?

Well, as always, the devil is in the details. Or in this case, the small print.

free online pdf processing, merging, merge, split, compress, delete pages and convert to ms word, powerpoint, jpg and html

When I read the terms and conditions of some of the "free" online PDF processing websites, I was flat out flabbergasted by what I saw.

It seems that most of these services are banking on you not reading their terms! Take this example below from a website offering "FREE" PDF processing that shall remain nameless:

"Confidential information

Company does not want to receive confidential or proprietary information from you through our Web site. Please note that any information or material sent to Company will be deemed NOT to be confidential. By sending Company any information or material, you grant Company an unrestricted, irrevocable license to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, post, transmit, distribute, publicly display, perform, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise freely use, those materials or information. You also agree that Company is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques that you send us for any purpose. However, we will not release your name or otherwise publicize the fact that you submitted materials or other information to us unless: (a) we obtain your permission to use your name; or (b) we first notify you that the materials or other information you submit to a particular part of this site will be published or otherwise used with your name on it; or (c) we are required to do so by law. Personally-identifiable information that you submit to Company for the purpose of receiving products or services will be handled in accordance with our privacy policies. Please see the tab entitled "Privacy" for information regarding Company's privacy policies. "


Its right there in black and white; by using their free service, you are granting them, and we quote, "unrestricted, irrevocable license to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, post, transmit, distribute, publicly display, perform, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise freely use" your PDF documents.

And thats not all folks! They also state that whenever you upload your private PDF files to their service, you grant them free reigns to "use any ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques that you send us for any purpose".

To put this into practical terms, it means that whenever you upload your PDF file to this free service, you are handing over the rights to the contents in the PDF document. It could be plans to your house, a form you have created, your resumè; what ever it is, once uploaded to these free PDF services, it no longer belongs to you.

This, folks, is a the price of FREE. And it is not ok.

Even though we have our own free online PDF processing service that you can use to merge, split, compress and convert your files (https://allaboutpdf.com/allaboutpdf-online/), its primary purpose is to serve as a quick demo for our full windows application that allows you to process PDF documents locally and privately. We don't ever read or analyze the uploaded PDF documents and our API deletes ALL PDFs files that are uploaded within 60 minutes of being processed.

The lesson here is that if you are not paying money for a service, read the small print to make sure that you are not inadverntly paying for it with your valuable data.

How To Prevent a PDF From Being Edited

PDF documents are by far the best way to share all kinds of documents all over the internet. A very common use for PDF documents is to upload your resumè and cover letters to job sites. Another use to create document templates that can be sold online.

What makes PDFs so useful for sharing is that they can be opened on virtually any operating system using a variety of free and paid software. With PDF, you can be assured that the document will look exactly the way you intended it to look regardless of the software used to open it.

There are however some instances where you don't your shared document to be modified by any viewer. For example, if you send a resumè to a recruiter, you want to be sure that your details are not modified without your consent. When you create a document online for monetization, you don't other people to easily download and use it without paying you for your hard-work.

What can you do to make PDF not editable?

The answer is to set PDF permissions on the PDF document before you share it.

A PDF document can contain 2 passwords; a User password and an Owner password. By adding an Owner password, you can specify what the viewer can and cannot do with your PDF document. When a PDF only has an Owner password, it can still be opened and viewed without a password prompt. The permissions that you can set on a PDF include:

  • allow/disallow printing

  • allow/disallow copying of contents

  • allow/disallow editing/modifying of contents

  • allow/disallow editing/modifying of annotations

  • allow/disallow form filling

  • allow/disallow screen readers

With All-About-PDF, setting permissions on your PDF files is straight forward:

protect pdf, make pdf uneditable, make pdf not editable, pdf security

1. Open All-About-PDF and click on the "Protect" button

2. In the Window that opens, select the PDF file that you would like to set permissions on

3. Leave the User password blank (unless you want to restrict opening of the document with a password)

4. Set the Owner password to a strong password

5. Select the permissions that you would like to set on the document

6. Hit the "GO" button to set the permissions.

7. The protected PDF will be saved in the same folder as the original document with "protected" added to the file name.

Whenever the document is opened, the viewer will be restricted to just the permissions you set. Get started by downloading All-About-PDF now.

For further document protection, you can also use All-About-PDF to add image or text watermark to the PDF file.

Best Free PDF Reader 2019

There is no shortage for free PDF readers on the interwebs and they all vary widely in features and functionality. We looked at a lot of free PDF readers and came up with what we feel are the best PDF readers on the market today.

Our decision was not based purely on features, we also took into consideration how focused and convinient the product is. So, without further a-due, here is a our list of the top 5 free PDF readers in 2019:

SlimPDF Reader

We love SlimPDF because of how focused and convenient it is; sure it doesn't have as many features as the others in the list however if all you need is to read PDF files, SlimPDF’s small footprint makes the smallest dent on your computer and installs fastest.

pasted image 0-4.png

FoxIt Reader

FoxIt Reader has the familiar Microsoft Office Ribbon interface and that makes it approachable to new users. We especially love its security features that can disable javascript in the PDF to prevent malicious code from running when the document is opened. FoxIt Reader also has downloadable add-ons that can add to the functionality of the base application.

FoxIt Reader’s Office Ribbon UI is familiar

FoxIt Reader’s Office Ribbon UI is familiar

Nitro PDF Reader

Like FoxIt Reader, Nitro PDF Reader also comes with the faimilar Microsoft OFfice Ribbon UI. This application packs more advanced features such as ability to add sticky notes to PDF documents, ability to add annotations and also abily to extract images from PDF files. The only downside to Nitro PDF Reader is that it requires user registration before you can use it.

best free pdf reader

PDF-Xchange Editor

We have been fans of PDF-Xchange for many years and have utilized their PDF Printer Drivers in many projects. While the application's UI is not the prettiest, it does offer OCR (optical character recognition) that allows you to scan documents and have them saved as searchable and editable text. PDF-Xchange will however watermark the output files that are processed using its "pro" features.

best free pdf reader

Your Web Browser

You read that right! Most modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari all have built in functionality to open and render PDF files.

best free pdf reader