Password-Protect PDF Files

add password protection to pdf file

All-About-PDF allows to you to protect and secure your PDF documents by adding user and owner passwords.

The different between a user and owner password is that the User password is required to view (open) the document and the Owner password is used to set permissions on the document.

With All-About-PDF, you can specify the following permissions with an Owner password:

  • Allow Printing of the document

  • Allow ability to copy text from the document

  • Allow contents of the document to be modified

  • Allow adding and modifying of notations

  • Allow filling of forms in the document

  • Allow screen-readers to open the document

To add password protection to a PDF using All-About-PDF, follow the steps below:

  1. if you haven’t already, download and install All-About-PDF from here

  2. Once installed, open the application and hit the “Protect” button

  3. Select the PDF file you would to protect to load it into All-About-PDF

  4. Add the User password and if necessary the Owner password too. We recommend using a strong password with at least 8 characters and a mix of letters and symbols. For more information on how to create a secure password, check out this article.

  5. Specify the permissions that you would like applied to the PDF

  6. Press “Go” and the password protection will be added to the PDF file and saved as [original filename]_protected.pdf

To get started with protecting your PDF documents, download All-About-PDF now.