How to Compress A PDF Files

PDF documents are great in that, as they are completely self-contained, they can be easily shared and viewed on just about any operating system and hardware. As PDF files embed all images, fonts and other styling into the document itself, they can quickly become large files especially when dealing with scanned files. In fact, a scanned PDF document at 300dpi averages between 7MB and 12MB in size per page. This size can become unwieldy and make it difficult to work with and share.

All-About-PDF can compress your scanned PDF files by over 7000%

All-About-PDF can compress your scanned PDF files by over 7000%

All-About-PDF comes with a feature that enables to tackle this challenge by compressing PDF documents and making them smaller in size.

The video below shows how to compress a PDF document in All-About-PDF and reduce its size from 12MB to just 154KB (over 7000% smaller).

You can compress a PDF document with All-About-PDF in just 3 steps

  1. If you haven’t already, download All-About-PDF from here, install it and run it

  2. Click the “Compress” button

  3. Select the PDF document that you would like compressed and provide the PDF password if it is password protected

  4. Select the compression settings and specify the image quality setting. The lower the image quality, the smaller the resulting file will be

  5. Hit the “Go” button to compress the file. The resulting file will be saved as [filename]_compressed.pdf in the same folder as the original file.

To see how much All-About-PDF can compress your PDF documents by, download the trial today from the link below: