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How to Convert a PDF to Word

We can agree that the PDF document format is superior when it comes to packaging and sharing rich documents. There are however times when you need to convert a PDF into a Microsoft Word document in order to edit the text or share it with other people that prefer the DOC format.

With All-About-PDF, it is very easy and fast to convert a PDF to Word document.

  1. If you havent already, download and install All-About-PDF from here

  2. Once installed, launch the application and select the “Convert” card

  3. You can select one or more PDF files to convert to MS Word

  4. Hit the MS Word button to begin converting all the selected PDF files to MS Word

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 7.19.54 PM.png

Thats all it takes to convert PDF files to the Microsoft Word format.

Go ahead and give it a try by downloading the free trial from here