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How To Prevent a PDF From Being Edited

PDF documents are by far the best way to share all kinds of documents all over the internet. A very common use for PDF documents is to upload your resumè and cover letters to job sites. Another use to create document templates that can be sold online.

What makes PDFs so useful for sharing is that they can be opened on virtually any operating system using a variety of free and paid software. With PDF, you can be assured that the document will look exactly the way you intended it to look regardless of the software used to open it.

There are however some instances where you don't your shared document to be modified by any viewer. For example, if you send a resumè to a recruiter, you want to be sure that your details are not modified without your consent. When you create a document online for monetization, you don't other people to easily download and use it without paying you for your hard-work.

What can you do to make PDF not editable?

The answer is to set PDF permissions on the PDF document before you share it.

A PDF document can contain 2 passwords; a User password and an Owner password. By adding an Owner password, you can specify what the viewer can and cannot do with your PDF document. When a PDF only has an Owner password, it can still be opened and viewed without a password prompt. The permissions that you can set on a PDF include:

  • allow/disallow printing

  • allow/disallow copying of contents

  • allow/disallow editing/modifying of contents

  • allow/disallow editing/modifying of annotations

  • allow/disallow form filling

  • allow/disallow screen readers

With All-About-PDF, setting permissions on your PDF files is straight forward:

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1. Open All-About-PDF and click on the "Protect" button

2. In the Window that opens, select the PDF file that you would like to set permissions on

3. Leave the User password blank (unless you want to restrict opening of the document with a password)

4. Set the Owner password to a strong password

5. Select the permissions that you would like to set on the document

6. Hit the "GO" button to set the permissions.

7. The protected PDF will be saved in the same folder as the original document with "protected" added to the file name.

Whenever the document is opened, the viewer will be restricted to just the permissions you set. Get started by downloading All-About-PDF now.

For further document protection, you can also use All-About-PDF to add image or text watermark to the PDF file.