Introducing All-About-PDF Subscription Licensing

One of the main reasons we decided to create All-About-PDF was to offer a PDF toolkit application that people could download, buy and use without having to worry about yet another subscription payment. In bucking the industry trend and offering a single perpetual license cost, where buying a license means that you own the software forever, coupled with our ease of use and powerful feature-set, our offering has become very popular.

We have been getting a lot feedback from existing and potential users and there is a question that keeps popping up and that is:

how come we do not offer a subscription licensing model and will we ever offer one in the future?

Well, the thing we care more about than not forcing users into a paying a monthly fee to use our software, is giving users a choice. Whilst we may not be in favor of subscription plans for software, we can also acknowledge that there are users out there that prefer this model of payment.

We are therefore pleased to announce that, starting today, you can choose to pay for All-About-PDF in two ways:

wanting to merge, split, convert and manipulate PDf to other formats to Microsoft Word? You can now choose between perpetual and subscription licensing.

Perpetual Licensing: as before, we will continue to offer a perpetual license for the price listed on the pricing page. Once purchased, you 100% own that version of All-About-PDF forever and are entitled to free support and upgrades (new features and bug fixes) for 12 months.

Subscription Licensing: With this newly introduced model, instead of paying a single price of $79.99 (as of writing this article) for the perpetual license, you only have to pay $7.99 per month to use All-About-PDF. Once you decide you no longer need to use the software, you can cancel your subscription and the software will cease to work.

We are very excited to be able to offer both the perpetual and subscription models to our All-About-PDF users. To get started and make your choice, head over to our pricing page.