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Save Time By Converting PDFs to MS Word Or Other Formats Using Watch Folders

If you spend a lot of time convert PDF files to other file formats such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG and more, then you know how tedious it can be.

There are of course many tools that you can use to carry out PDF file conversion but almost all of them require you to either manually upload the files and then download the results or open the software on your computer, select the files and then run the conversion process.

When you have to do this more than a few times a day, week or month, it can become a tiresome chore.

Watch Folders To The Rescue!

In a nutshell, Watch Folders allow you to convert PDF files to other format by just dropping them into a folder


You can use Watch Folders by defining one or more folders that All-About-PDF monitors and what conversions to automatically carry out as files are added. Once the Watch Folder is defined, you don’t even need to open the app to convert the files; you just drop it into the Watch Folder.

convert from pdf to ms word, excel, powerpoint, jpg, html by just dropping files into a folder

Setting up Watch Folders couldn’t be simpler.

  1. From the application’s main window, click on the three dots in the top right side to open the menu

  2. Select Watch Folders

  3. Hit the Add (+) button to create your Watch Folder

  4. Select the folder you would like All-About-PDF to monitor

  5. Specify the filter you would like to use. The default is *.pdf however you can use any filter as long as it has the .pdf extension

  6. Select the conversion actions that you would like to occur when a file matching your filter is added to the Watch Folder.

  7. Select folder where the conversion output should be placed. This folder cannot be the same as the Watch Folder.

  8. You may also specify if you would like All-About-PDF to delete the original PDF file in the Watch Folder and whether or not to overwrite any existing files in the Output folder.

  9. Once saved, the Watch is live and you can begin dropping it like its hot!

To get started with Watch Folders and more, download All-About-PDF today!

How to Edit a PDF Document

If you have ever tried to edit a Portable Document File, also known as a PDF, you most likely have found that its not a straight-foward as editing a Microsoft Word document.

This is because the PDF format was not designed for document editing at all.

How to Merge PDF Files

The PDF format is the default document sharing format for professionals online and offline. It is therefore useful to be able to manipulate these files with ease.

One of the most common tasks when it comes to manipulating PDF files is to merge multiple PDF files together. There are several programs that offer to do this for you however the majority require you to upload your documents to unknown third-party servers or require a monthly payment to unlock the software features.

With All-About-PDF, you can combine multiple PDF files into a single file without having to upload it to a remote unknown server in three simple steps.

1. If you haven't already, download All-About-PDF from here. Once downloaded, install it and run it.

2. Hit the "Merge" card and select all the PDF files you would like to be merged together. You can add more files by hitting the "Add More" button and you can re-arrange the order of the pages by dragging and dropping the pages into the required order.

3. When you are happy with the order of the files to be merged, hit the "Merge" button and then provide the name of the new merged PDF.

Your PDF files will now be merged into a single file and the pages will be in the order you specified.

To get started with merging your PDF files, download All-About-PDF from here.